This is my tribute to A Game of Thrones, a soundtrack which tries to recreate the spirit of the book written by George R. R. Martin. Hope you enjoy it (if you read the book, I really hope so) =P

Este es mi homenaje a "Juego de Tronos", una banda sonora que intenta recrear el espíritu del libro escrito por George R. R. Martin. Espero que os guste (especialmente si os habéis leído el libro) =P



Paula Iwasaki is the Spanish actress who sung the song 'Ice and Fire'. She's beautiful, nice and a great artist. Thank you for your colaboration and your support! :P

Diego Palma is the Spanish musician who is scoring a symphonic band version of this soundtrack. He's also a musical conductor, and an excellent saxophonist. Thank you for your work, your time and your musical ideas.

Inmaculada Salmoral sung the female voices of 'The Tourney'. She's my mother and supported me along all the project. Thank you, mum.

Thanks for listening!

Special thanks to

All my twitter followers

Cesc Vilá, an awesome spanish composer who read the AGOT book and told me his impressions about the soundtrack.